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Concept, Design, Production, Animation

Stereotyping distorts perceptions of individuals, fostering prejudice and societal division. Our project aimed to counteract this through an innovative method using starter pack memes, which simplify and showcase social identities. These memes, while primarily entertaining, also perpetuate stereotypes. We designed an interactive book where each page features a meme that can be mixed with others by folding parts of the page. This approach creates unique combinations that defy typical stereotypes, emphasizing the value of individuality in fostering a more inclusive society.


  • Concept:
    Alina Traun, Sebastian Scholtze
  • Design:
    Alina Traun, Sebastian Scholtze
  • Production:
    Alina Traun, Sebastian Scholtze, Christian Fuchs
  • Animation:
    Alina Traun
  • Supervision:
    Viktoria Kirjuchina