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Concept, Design and datavisualization, Research, Cooking and recipe-development

The middle class is urged to reduce their CO2 emissions through measures like adopting a vegan diet, yet the richest 10% of the population still account for half of all greenhouse gas emissions. This vegan buffet presents as a two-stage infographic: initially highlighting the apparent CO2 savings from veganism, it then contrasts these with the massive emissions from the richest 10%. This stark comparison reveals the limitations of individual actions in climate protection and symbolizes the often illusory, ineffective solutions in combating the climate crisis.


  • Concept:
    Alina Traun
  • Design & Datavisualisation:
    Alina Traun
  • Cooking:
    Alina Traun, Daniela Kafka-Traun
  • Photography:
    Lea Kurz, Christoph Traun
  • Construction:
    Leon Hölzl, Alina Traun
  • Supervision:
    Viktoria Kirjuchina, Shiro Inoue