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Concept, Illustration, Design

Many view curfews as a time of boredom, yet this period can also foster reflection, relaxation, and creativity, as Friedrich Nietzsche suggested. The toilet paper roll tear-off calendar embodies this idea. Each sheet represents a day and illustrates a quarantine scenario where days seem to be „for the ass“. The story progresses as the protagonist begins to doodle thoughtlessly, engaging the calendar’s owner in the creative process. Participants are encouraged to customize each sheet based on personal inspiration. As sheets are placed next to each other, they reveal a printed letter that gradually spells out Jon Kabat-Zinn’s message: „If you pay attention to boredom, it becomes improbably interesting“, opening a new perspective on the viewer’s own actions.


  • Concept:
    Alina Traun
  • Design:
    Alina Traun
  • Illustration:
    Alina Traun
  • Supervision:
    Viktoria Kirjuchina